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The war began less than a year ago. A giant city, surrounded by clouds and swarming with weapons of war appeared above Mt. Olympus. The beings that lived within called themselves Angels, and rained down death and destruction upon the world below. Men fought tooth and nail for their very survival.

Armageddon had come.

Heaven's Dusk is an incursion for Trophy Dark based on the horror present in religion, hopelessness, and oppression. After the great battle of Mt. Olympus, the city of Heaven lay abandoned, desolate, and replete with treasure. You will play as scavengers, intent on getting past the government blockade and reaching the throne of heaven. 

This incursion will guide you through the terrors and temptations of the great scrapyard, the endless staircase from the summit, the holy city and the great cathedral of god. Additionally you will find:

  • 2 new occupations
  • 3 new backgrounds
  • 5 new drives
  • 4 new rituals
  • 12 new conditions

Will you survive to claim the throne of heaven for your own?

Content warnings: religion, war, gore, rapture/armageddon/apocalypse


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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