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Révolution gives us politicians and detectives; mobs and weddings; cults and catholics; orphans rising to lead armies or command demons; the sounds of battle in the streets of Paris; the smell of gunpowder and alcohol; the feel of a knife in your back; asking “What do you do next?”

In Révolution you play as a powerful person in Paris during the French Revolution. You and your fellows are constantly fighting for prime position within the Parisian political landscape, even as that landscape crumbles around you. Play to find out if the police betray the crown to their doom, or if the secret cult of an eldritch god manages to infiltrate Robespierre's tyrannical committee. 

What you need

This is a game for 3 to 5 players. You will need enough paper and writing utensils for all players, and a single Tarot deck to share amongst the table. You can purchase a Tarot deck from many game or occultism stores.

Playing RPGs online can be difficult at the best of times. To try and help facilitate online play, you can use the provided Révolution Character Keeper and premade PlayingCards.io room to take some of the stress out of facilitating an online game. Instructions on using a character keeper can be found here, and instructions on uploading a PCIO room can be found here.

The System

This game runs on the Belonging Outside Belonging system as designed by Benjamin Rosenbaum (@ben_rosenbaum) and Avery Alder (@lackingceremony). This is a GM-full, token based system where players have to put themselves into bad situations to earn tokens, and then use those tokens to dig themselves back out. 

A Warning

This game, like many other games that deal with player vs player conflict, politics, demonic worship, sex, and backstabbing, may be disturbing or traumatizing for some people.

In order to make this game an enjoyable experience for all players, it is highly suggested that you play with a robust set of safety tools. It is recommended that you use all or most of the following tools while playing this game:

  • Lines and Veils
  • The X-Card
  • Script Change
  • The Open Door Policy

Depending on your play group, other safety tools may be more appropriate. You can read more about the above safety tools and other options at goldenlassogames.com/tools

This is a Public Beta test. As such the game is incomplete in many areas, especially the rules taken from Dream Apart/Dream Askew. Many rules changes can be expected in the coming months. If you would like to contribute to the play test (and get your name in the back of the final book) please send feedback to TyphosGames.Info+Revolution@gmail.com. Purchasing the game will grant you free updates as they come out.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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